Vendor Terms and Conditions

By applying to be a vendor on Fair Findz, you understand and agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Fair Findz is an online marketplace operator and Vendors are retailers or wholesalers operating independently from Fair Findz. Fair Findz is not an employer of Vendors.
  2. Vendors must be 18 years or older to operate a Vendor Booth on Fair Findz.
  3. Vendors will provide accurate and factual user information.
  4. Vendor’s accounts are non-transferrable. User on account is responsible for account.
  5. Vendors will not display products for sale that are obscene or offensive. Vendor Booths will be tasteful and will not display content that would be considered vulgar or discriminatory.
  6. Vendors will not sell products that are illegal or use Fair Findz in any way that breaks the law.
  7. Vendors will not mislead customers or provide false information about their products.
  8. Vendors will abide by all government regulations regarding their products.
  9. Vendors will not infringe on copyright, trademark or any other exclusive right under any authority.
  10. Vendors are responsible for fulfilling and delivering consumer transactions processed through Fair Findz in a professional and timely manner.
  11. Vendors will respect the privacy of other vendors and will not disclose any personal information without their explicit consent.
  12. Filing and submitting taxes and processing and shipping are the sole responsibility of the Vendor. Tax or shipping fees collected through Fair Findz will be forwarded to the Vendor at the same time as the revenue for the sale.
  13. Vendors will handle complaints promptly and courteously.
  14. It is the vendor’s responsibility to remove a product’s listing if it becomes unavailable.
  15. Fair Findz uses PayPal for customer purchases in order to provide a reliable and secure checkout.  Vendors must obtain a PayPal account in order to sell products through Fair Findz.  Vendors will receive payments for customer purchases via PayPal transfers to Vendor’s PayPal account.  There is a 3 day waiting period after a product ships.  There are no minimums.  Vendors understand that PayPal charges a fee to process transactions.  This fee will be the sole responsibility of the Vendor.  Vendors must adhere to PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policies
  16. If vendors are unable to fulfill a paid order-all monies collected by vendor must be returned to customer within 14 days.  Refunds processed through PayPal may incure a fee.  Vendor will be responsible for their percentage of this fee and the product’s sales price.
  17. Vendors agree to use Fair Findz at their own risk. Vendors understand that Fair Findz is operated by humans and technology. While our mission is to provide an outstanding experience for both Vendors and Customers, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Fair Findz provides an “as is service” and does not offer any kind of warranty.
  18. Fair Findz reserves the right to change its format or discontinue services at any time.
  19. Vendors agree that they will not attempt to harm Fair Findz’ by attempting to access unauthorized areas of the website or steal classified information.
  20. Vendors grant Fair Findz permission to store, display, reproduce and edit their content in order to promote Fair Findz and Vendors. Fair Findz use of Vendors content will be non-exclusive and royalty-free. Vendor retains full ownership of their content.
  21. Fair Findz will collect a 2% processing fee on the selling price of all items sold through Fair Findz.
  22. Vendor may cancel their membership at any time by notifying Fair Findz, in writing via the contact form on their Vendor Dashboard. Any products sold prior to notification must be filled and delivered as agreed to prior to cancellation.
  23. Fair Findz may change the terms and conditions as necessary.  Vendor will receive notification of any changes in writing by Fair Findz prior to the effective date and may elect to accept these changes and continue the relationship or reject them and close their online vendor booth.  Changes in terms and conditions may apply only to vendors that join Fair Findz after the change.  In this case, the terms and conditions that the vendor previously agreed to will remain in effect.
  24. Fair Findz reserves the right to deny or revoke Vendorship if guidelines are not followed.