Renaissance Faires Iowa


Weekend Renaissance Festivals

Iowa Renaissance Festival
May 23 @ 11:00 am – May 25 @ 6:00 pm

Des Moines Renaissance Faire
September 5 @ 10:00 am – September 6 @ 6:00 pm
Recurring through September 20th
Des Moines Renaissance Faire

Riverssance Festival
October 3 @ 10:00 am – October 4 @ 5:00 pm

Renaissance Faires Iowa

 Renaissance Faires Iowa
Map of Iowa

Originating in Italy, the renaissance period took place roughly from the 14th century through the 17th century. Most renaissance fairs are set to emulate the period of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England although others fall outside of this time period or theme.
In Europe, renaissance faires are more on the nature of a living history museum, with actors portraying daily life during this colorful time period.
In the United States, while these reenactments do provide a historical glimpse into the renaissance era, the characters are portrayed by the participants themselves. The emphasis of a fair in the US is typically on the costumes, music, theater, arts and crafts and food and drink. The shopping options are fabulous. There are usually numerous merchants selling their wares, including; hand forged weapons and armor, costumes, jewelry, historical pottery, leather clothing and accessories, housewares, art, crafts, food and much more. Many renaissance faires are family friendly and offer activities for children, however be aware that at some Ren Fairs there may be adult content and clothing. The costumes portray a wide range of characters including: the town-folk comprising bakers, tailors, blacksmiths, provisioners, cooks, ciderers, carpenters, cobblers, barmaids, scribes, alchemists, and healers; the country and forest folk including, Robin Hood and his merry men, Maid Marion, farmers and peasants; the entertainers, including minstrels, Shakespearian actors, jousters and swordsmen; the noble court and household of Queen Elizabeth 1; and finally, fairy tale characters.

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Renaissance Faires Iowa provides a link to Ren Fairs throughout the state of Iowa.
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• Do I need to wear a costume?
It is not necessary to attend a renaissance fair in costume-although doing so can enhance your experience.

• Does it cost money?
There is usually an entrance fee-although some fairs may be free. Most Renaissance fairs have food available for purchase and merchants selling their wares. Some fairs, merchants only accept cash for purchases-but admission tickets may be purchased with a credit/debit card.

• Can I bring children?
Some fairs are family friendly-and some are not.

Because renaissance festivals vary, the best way to answer these questions definitively is to contact the fair you wish to attend. Most times these questions are addressed on their website.

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