Farmers Markets Washington


We Love Farmers Markets! Here’s Why

Farmers Market Washington
Heirloom Squash

1. Selection of Produce
At your local farmers market you will find many superior varieties not found in most supermarkets. Each family farm is unique. The diversity of products brought to market will satisfy the most discerning foodie.

2. Quality of Produce
Because fruits and vegetables are local, they are usually picked early the same morning. Since they do not have to be shipped long distances, they can be harvested when they are at their peak ripeness. Nothing beats a freshly picked sun ripened tomato!

3. Support of Local Farmers
Unless you want to be limited to what the big commercial farms grow-it is imperative that you give your business to your local farmer. Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of a free America.

4. Shopping Local Means Less Impact to the Environment
What is the environmental impact of conveying produce across the US or importing it from another country? It is significant because transporting is one of the major consumers of energy. Transport is the fastest-growing emission division, adding to air pollution and global warming through discharge of carbon dioxide. [1] Reducing transportation emissions is predicted to have a positive effect on smog, acid rain, air quality and climate change.

5. Great Organic Choices
There are a growing number of family farms that farm using organic methods. You will find many organic options at your local farmers market.

6. Exceptional Arts and Crafts
Some of the most talented artisans and craft persons can be found at your farmers market.

7. Unique Gifts
I am always amazed by the creativity and superior quality reflected by the merchandise found at a farmers market. I visit many different farmers markets each year and I always see something new and ingenious.

8. Delicious Options for Lunch
Most farmers markets have a number of booths selling delicious hot or prepared food. Plan to have a meal or snack while picking up your produce for the week.

Farmers Market Washington
Methow Gold Artisan Honey

9. Specialty Food
Discover fresh goat cheese, tea blends, local honey, spices, sauces, fresh seafood and moreā€¦

10. Price
Find superior quality produce at a price that is comparable to the supermarket.

11. Flower Bouquets!
And of course, pick up a paper wrapped colorful bouquet of flowers for yourself or a friend.



Farmers Markets Washington

Farmers Markets in Washington State


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Farmers Markets Washington

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