Fair Findz Picks From Sorticulture 2015


Fair Findz Picks From Sorticulture 2015

Sorticulture 2015 was extraordinary as usual. So much imagination, creativity, and great skill in one location-just amazing!  EVERY year I see products that I have never seen anywhere else. That is one of the things I love most about fairs, festivals and farmers markets.

While all of the artists and craft-persons were outstanding-here are eight of Fair Findz’ Favorites


Beth Wright Designs

Enchanting handcrafted wire baskets filled with succulents. Whimsically elegant baskets for candles or floral arrangements to enhance your outdoor space.

“Bringing happiness to our customers from our work is why many crafters and artists continue to create. We all have those special objects in our homes and garden that radiate a sense of joy and happiness when we look at them. I am hoping that when people see my work, they will feel that same way.”


Big Saw Productions

Garden Art IdeasWe use only select Western Red Cedar as our feedstock of choice, since it is simply the finest outdoor building material available!

It is not uncommon for a properly finished Adirondack Chair to last 100 years, there are many in existence to prove it. Naturally, these furniture pieces often become family heirlooms, and are handed down generations after generation, becoming sought after prizes for collectors.  Whenever you invest in one of our pieces, rest assured that you are getting the finest craftsmanship available.


Bob Bowling Rustics

Bob Bowling RusticsOn beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington offering unique yard & garden structures.

Each piece is one of kind, fun & functional art that evokes a sense of whimsy and will be a joyful conversation piece in your yard or garden.

Created from recycled and reclaimed materials, your own treasured pieces
can also be incorporated into a structure that reflects your taste and budget.

Chicken Coops, Greenhouses, Tool Sheds, Retreat Rooms, Wood Sheds, Playhouses & More!




Scrapwood Studio

scrapwood studioFun and FunKtional!

Up-cycled creations for your home decor.

Choose from many options for gifts, housewarmings, birthdays, special celebrations and custom orders.





Set in Stone Garden Art

Garden Art Set in StoneArtistically designed and one of a kind. I hand pick the stones, shells and beach glass used from beaches and desert mountains in the US and Baja, Mexico. I often add found objects to add special character to each piece.

These bird houses are intended for real use and have an opening for easy cleaning. Each house is a numbered original. No patterns are used and each stone is hand selected so no one will ever have the same house as you. These houses take 15+ hours to create and are mortared, grouted, and sealed.I also create stone bird feeders and concrete bird baths.

By request, I am now making tile bird houses as well. While some look more traditional, I also create lighthouses, churches, cottages, Noah’s Ark, The Little Old Lady In the Shoe, castles, with whimsy or a modern style.




snooter-dootDo YOU have a BFF yet?

You don’t know what a Snooter-doot is? Where have you been?? Snooter-doots are THE perfect felted-wool BFF for the young and the young at heart!
Snooter-doots are uniquely handcrafted, whimsical softies inspired by nature, featuring vegetables, bugs, birds, fish, and fantasy and food creatures – all with wonderful, wonky eyes!

Call us softies; call us whimsies; call us art-dolls; call us collectibles. Just call us! We have tons of personality, with our own names and birthdays, and we’re looking for good homes.


Soapwork Studio

Soapwork StudiosHandcrafted artisanal soaps, bath & body products using the best quality ingredients – mostly stuff you can eat. My soap bars are created in the time-honored cold-process tradition — cooked on a stove-top and stirred by hand. All of the products are made in small batches with great care, ensuring freshness, quality and the highest standards.

My soap bars are all vegetable-based, utilizing food-grade olive oil, organic coconut oil, sustainably harvested palm oil, plus luxurious nourishing organic shea butter. All of the formulations are super-fatted, meaning they have higher levels of unsaponified oils, creating a glycerin-rich, highly moisturizing bar for all skin types and sensitivites. Clouds of rich, luxurious lather are soothing and healthy for your skin.



Tin Man Garden Art

Fair Findz Picks from Sorticulture 2015Whimsical birdhouses that are reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, bathed in Seuss-like color combinations.

Add a playful touch to any landscape, patio, balcony, or special area. These one-of-a-kind, highly decorative, non-functional birdhouses will lift your spirits and make you smile.





The Rusty Bolt

the rusty bolt

the rusty bolt
the rusty bolt

Welded steel creations from salvaged materials

Creative and whimsical designs







Garden Art Ideas










See all of the artists, craft-persons and nurseries that participated in Sorticulture 2015

Fair Findz Picks From Sorticulture 2015

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