Every Year I Gotta Buy These at a Holiday Craft Fair


Holiday Craft Fair Favorites

I use Kitchen Hand Towels daily to dry my hands while preparing food.  They cut down the use of paper towels and decorate my kitchen.  I love the ones with a crocheted top that you can button to the handle of the fridge or oven.  Every year I look forward to picking out replacement towels.  There are so many fun designs.  I also buy them as holiday gifts.  I enjoy searching for a specific theme that reflects the recipient’s interests.  Do they love coffee, wine, sunflowers or pizza?  Pigs, cows, roosters, or cats?  My friends and family count on receiving at least one kitchen hand towel every year. 

I also buy handmade Flour Sack Dish Towels every year.  They dry dishes quickly and without lint.  Even if you use your dishwasher to wash most of your dishes, flour sack dish towels are great for drying wine glasses and other hand washables.   My favorites are those with a vintage look or a unique subject matter- like Sasquatch.   

Nothing safely and effectively scrubs pots and pans as well as Crocheted Nylon Dish Scrubbies.  They come in a variety of colors to match your kitchen.  With regular use each one lasts a couple months (disinfect routinely).  I buy enough to last all year and to give as gifts. 

Holiday Craft Fair Favorites
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My new obsession is Aprons for kids and adults.  I am a big proponent of kids in the kitchen and every kid should have their own apron.  Handmade aprons are typically of higher quality and offer some of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen.

A holiday craft fair is one of the best places to find a Keepsake Item for the new baby in the family.  Crocheted hats, booties and sweaters as well as hand sewn outfits, baby blankets and quilts will all be treasured.

Finally, Holiday Craft Fair Favorites include head bands and hair bling, a slice of handcrafted soap, a soy spice scented candle, handmade holiday cards.  A new wreath rounds out my shopping.

I love Holiday Craft Fairs!  They get me in the spirit.  Surrounded by holiday décor, hand crafted products and friendly vendors I gather my yearly purchases.  Wait, I can’t forget the Homemade Fudge!

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