Summer of Love 50th Anniversary

“Summer of Love” 50th Anniversary

Fifty years later, “Hippie” ideals are alive and well. The summer of 2017 marks 50 years since the Hippie Generation descended upon San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district.  Over 100,000 people collectively responded to the movement that embraced peace, love and self-expression.  Music and art, individualism, anti-consumerism and pro-community attracted many young people.  Hippies gathered around … Read more

Shop Small Business

As reported in this article by the Small Business Association-purchasing gifts from your local small businesses this holiday and through-out the year can have a dramatic impact on our economy. SHOP SMALL BUSINESS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON One exciting place to find gifts for your loved ones are at your local fair/festival/farmers market.  There are holiday … Read more

Holiday Gift Shows Fair Findz’ Picks

I always say that I am amazed by the abounding creativity and excellence found at fairs and festivals. Every year I see several “why didn’t I think of that” products. In addition to new discoveries, I love to shop at holiday gift shows to purchase gifts that have become a Christmas tradition. For me, themed … Read more

4-H is Alive and Well

“4-H grows confident, capable, and caring kids with the life skills to thrive in today’s world and succeed in their boldest dreams for tomorrow. Working in partnership with 110 universities, programs are research-backed and offer life-changing experiences to youth around the world.” In School Programs In-school programs and clubs typically run in conjunction with the … Read more

Get Your Summer Groove On With This Stress Reducing Herbal Sun Tea Recipe

Fun Fair Recipes Sun Tea

This herb tea blend is intended to calm the nervous system.  When summer is hot and hectic-chill out with a healthy glass of sun tea. 3 Tablespoons Lemon Balm 3 Tablespoons Nettle 1 Tablespoon Chamomile 1 Tablespoon Mint 1/2 Tablespoon Rose Petals 1/4 Tablespoon Lavender Lemon, Lime, or other fruit as desired Mint Garnish Add … Read more

Does Your Farmers Market Accept SNAP Benefits?

Did you know that the number of farmers markets that accept SNAP benefits is dramatically increasing? This means access to high quality, fresh organic fruits and vegetables for everyone-regardless of income. Win-Win Using SNAP benefits to purchase produce at the Farmers Market benefits both the consumer and farmer.  Everyone knows that consuming more fresh fruit … Read more