Caramel Apples May Contain Listeria-Another Reason to Avoid Caramel Apples?

In addition to deep-fried crickets, the Arizona Exposition & State Fair’s Chef du’ Jour booth sold caramel apples dipped in meal-worms.  This is probably the most unusual fair foods we’ve ever seen. caramel apples may contain listeria On a more serious note:  Here is a link to the CDC’s information About Listeria, the bacteria that … Read more

Introduction to Renaissance Faires and Festivals

Renaissance Faires New York

Renaissance Fair, Renaissance Festival and Renaissance Faire are interchangeable terms that refer primarily to a United States’ phenomenon. These outdoor and typically weekend gatherings reconstruct communities resembling those that existed during the era known as the renaissance period. Participants join together to recreate their childhood fantasies of lords and ladies, royalty and peasants and knights … Read more