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Our Home Spun marketplace is comprised of merchants selling their handcrafted wares from individual virtual vendor booths. The talent and creativity of these industrious crafters, artisans, and tradespersons is unsurpassed. It is fun to see what new and exciting products are brought to the marketplace each year.  Peruse our site to find exceptional products for your home and garden, unique gifts, clothing and jewelry, items for children and pets, culinary delights and much more.    

Are you looking for a gift or something special for yourself?   Handcrafted products offer some of the most unique and superior options available.

Staff Picks

The Commercial Barn

No fair is complete without the commercial barn.  From hot tubs, wood stoves and tractors to Scentsy, nails and clothing, the commercial barn offers up some great discounts on commercial, imported and direct marketed products

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