The Taste Test Paperback Edition


Also available in Kindle Edition.  Giving your child a solid nutritional foundation is one of the most important things you can do.  Teaching them to care about what they put into their body will go far to encourage a healthy lifestyle throughout their life. 

Serving a wide variety of nourishing food benefits your child’s health.  However, newly introduced food may not be immediately welcomed. It may be the smell, texture, taste or even how it looks. Think back to your own childhood-were there some foods that you just couldn’t eat? Sitting at the dining table well after supper had ended; pushing around a pile of cold canned peas comes to mind.

The Taste Test gives your child the opportunity to examine different features of a new food or even a favorite.  They can voice their opinion in an atmosphere of learning and discovery.  Thinking and talking about food opens up discussion about nutrition, other cultures and other family’s meal choices. 

Here’s to a positive mealtime experience for all and a lifetime of healthy eating.      

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