Granny’s Greens: See why these super nutritious old-world greens are making a comeback-you’ll want them on YOUR family’s dinner plate!

I can still picture my grandmother standing at the stove drinking the leftover liquid from the vegetables she cooked for dinner-to get every last nutrient.  She understood that vitamins and minerals played a primary role in a healthy diet.  Like so many living in the early 1900’s, she kept a kitchen garden to grow veggies, […]

4-H is Alive and Well

“4-H grows confident, capable, and caring kids with the life skills to thrive in today’s world and succeed in their boldest dreams for tomorrow. Working in partnership with 110 universities, programs are research-backed and offer life-changing experiences to youth around the world.” In School Programs In-school programs and clubs typically run in conjunction with the […]

Garden Art Ideas

Garden art is seeing a revival. Every taste in decor can be found whether you gravitate towards rustic, English countryside, classic, elegant or modern. Create an interesting focal point by incorporating a statue or water effect into your landscape. Add a touch of whimsy with glass flowers, birdhouses, birdbath or unique metalwork. Carve out an […]

Farmers Markets Washington

We Love Farmers Markets! Here’s Why 1. Selection of Produce At your local farmers market you will find many superior varieties not found in most supermarkets. Each family farm is unique. The diversity of products brought to market will satisfy the most discerning foodie. 2. Quality of Produce Because fruits and vegetables are local, they […]

Ten Tips to Growing Prize Winning Tomatoes

Do you dream of growing State Fair blue-ribbon worthy tomatoes?  Here are some considerations to help you achieve that goal.  How do judges evaluate State Fair produce entries?  Ten Tips to Growing Prize Winning Tomatoes 1. Choosing the right plants or seeds • There are advantages to purchasing tomato plants vs. starting them from seed. […]

Exhibiting and Judging Garden Vegetables

Factors considered in judging When preparing a display for exhibit, knowing what judges will look for in the display is helpful. The judge may lift and examine products on all sides, so imperfections cannot be hidden (Figures 1 and 2). The important characteristics of good vegetables are not greatly different from those looked for in […]