Adding a Live Event to Your Shop Page


We encourage customers to shop locally whenever possible.  To add live events in which you will be attending as a vendor to your shop page, see following instructions.  *Note  Adding a link to an actual storefront, home business address or other permanent location is not permitted.

1  Under Your Shop Description add the name of the event.  For example Everett Farmers Market.  Save your changes at the bottom of the page.

2.  Locate your event on Fair Findz either through Event Location or Event Category.  Highlight the entire internet address on the top of your screen by holding down the left button on your mouse and dragging across the address.  For example  Hover over the highlighted address and right click with your mouse then left click the word copy.

3.  Return to your Shop Description by clicking on My Vendor Booth, left click settings and scroll down to your Shop Description.  Highlight the name of the event.  At the top of the text box you will see an icon that looks like a paperclip (It says “insert/edit link” when you hover over it with your mouse).  Left click the “paperclip” with your mouse-this will bring up a box that says “paste URL or type to search.”  Right click in the box and click paste.  Click the arrow on the right of the box to Apply. Save your changes at the bottom of settings page.

*Note  If you are attending a single event (one that occurs during a specific time frame-for example a one day special event or two week State Fair) you can skip locating the event first and just start typing the name of the event (in the text box that the “paperclip” pulls up when you left click it with your mouse) until you find your event.  This does not work for reoccurring events such as a weekly farmers market.

4.  Add any additional events in the same manner.

If your event is not yet listed on Fair Findz you can either send us an email and we will happily add it or you or the event’s manager can add it by selecting Submit an Event on the top of the home page.

If you wish to have some assistance with this process just contact us and we will gladly give you a hand.